Sex Attraction

Sex Attraction


Are you letting media control your life?

I am sure that a lot of people are letting media control our lives today. There are days when I try to go without checking what is going on with my favorite celebs, but I simply can’t. Like I said to my best friend at London escorts, thank God for mobile phones. Without my phone I would not be able to check the news and keep up with social media updates. I am just too tired to do stuff like that when I finish the night at the amazing charlotte London escorts.But at the same time, I have started to wonder if we let social media, and the press for that matter, dictate to us what we should be doing. When you look at our favorite celebs, it is clear that they have just become marketing tools for big companies.

Popping into Starbucks on Saturday when I was out shopping with my friends from London escorts, it just felt like we were being marketed to all of the time. Even the screens in Starbucks were promoting stuff. One girls from London escorts says it is like we are living in some kind of weird futuristic world.I think that she could be right. It seems very much like we have let the world of multimedia and interactive advertising sneak up on us. There are even some London escorts services which produce videos starring their top London escorts. You can now hear the voice of the escort that you are going to date, and see her perform certain things on screen which are a little bit sexy. It makes you wonder if we are going to end up with celebrity London escorts soon.Even the Royal Family seems to be changing.

When you look at them now, it is a little bit like Meghan Markle is being pushed on to us. It is a bit like she is beginning to feel like she is the people’s best friend and that we should all feel good about the amount of money the Royal Family gets from the public. I am not a Royalist, but I am beginning to feel different about the family because of Meghan. Honestly, I am not the only girl at charlotte London escorts to feel that way.So, what is the answer to all of this? I am not sure but I feel that someone else is trying to control my world. Perhaps George Orwell’s 1994 has finally arrived and we are not in charge any more. When I speak to the girls at London escorts, many of the girls say that they feel like they are losing control. I know what they mean because that is exactly how I feel about my life as well. What is the answer? Maybe I should throw away my phone and start to read the Times instead like my dad. At least then I can put the paper away and try not to worry about what celebrity is doing what with another celebrity, and what food is now healthier than the one I bought yesterday…


What makes us attracted to men?

I am always being asked lots of questions by the gents that I date at London escorts. It is clear that a lot of men would like to make themselves more attractive to women, so they often ask me what makes a man attractive to a woman. Of course, all of the girls here at London escorts have their own different take on this one, and I do have my own reasons for being attracted to a man.

Looks are important, but during my time at London escorts, I have learned that they are not everything that matters. When I first started to date at London escorts, I found it really hard to handle a guy if he was not attractive at all. Now I know that the men who are not so physically attractive often have very attractive minds. They are easy to talk to, and most of the time I end up getting along with them very well. Yes, women are attracted to men who can hold a decent conversation.

I also like men who dress nicely. That is another thing that never used to worry me that much, but smart dressed men really do tend to look after themselves really well. All of the smartly dressed guys that I have met at London escorts seem to have really good diets, and have also had open and caring personalities. Perhaps they take a certain pride in themselves and their lifestyles. Speaking to my colleagues here at London escorts, many of them do agree with me that well dressed men have something special about them.

How about a sense of humour? This is kind of interesting. My dad has always said that it is important to make your partner laugh. I never used to think a lot about that, but it is true. All of the gents who make me laugh at London escorts are the guys that I feel the most attracted to. When I meet a guy at London escorts who is all serious and does not even have a smile on his face, I do not feel attracted to him at all. It is just a girlie thing, we all like to have a laugh and there is nothing like a good laugh to help you make it through the day.

When you work at London escorts, you get to meet all sorts of gents, and that is what I really like about the job. In many ways that is good, because you soon learn what to expect from a man. Also, you get to know what kind of guy that you would like to settle down with one day. My future husband does not have to be super attractive, but he needs to be dressed nicely, be able to hold a conversation and make me laugh. That is the criteria for my perfect husband and I am sure that he is out there somewhere. It is just a matter of finding him, or letting him find me.

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What makes a woman physcially attractive

It would be interesting to sit down and speak to a group of men, and find out what they think makes a woman physically or sexually attractive. Lisa, who works for London escorts, says it all depends on many different factors. It is so hard to say what makes a woman physically attractive to a man, she says. It is a really broad subject, and I know that many of my colleagues at London escorts, think it is a rather tough one as well. We are all so different, and what one man finds attractive, another man will not find attractive, and your never know what you are going to get.

For instance, says Lisa, a lot of London escorts have long hair. But the truth is, says Lisa, a lot of men find short hair attractive. I have a couple of gents that I date at London escorts who always comment that I would look good in short hair. Obviously, they find short hair attractive, but I like my long hair and I am not going to cut it for anybody, laughs Lisa. That is just one of the many things that men finds attractive about a woman – her hair and the way she wears it.

On top of that a lot of men are attracted to women for their dress sense. I like to wear short skirts, but not all of the gents that I see for dinner dates at London escorts, find this attractive. They prefer ladies who wear long trousers or longer dresses. They do on occasion tell me that I would look great in a long dress, but it isn’t the way I dress. Some of the chaps I date at London escorts are a bit taken back when I say that I don’t dress that way. They seem to expect to go and get a ball gown out of the wardrobe, says Lisa and laughs.

Make up is another thing that might turn a man on. I don’t wear a lot of make-up as I don’t think it looks nice. Yet, some of the guys I meet at London escorts, seem to think that women who wear a lot of make up look attractive. However, most of my gents at London escorts like my more natural look and I think that is so much better. I like to look natural and I am glad that they appreciate it.

Working for London escorts is not easy, says Lisa, you never know how to do things for the best. The truth is that the most attractive thing you can do, says Lisa, is to be yourself. If a gent does not like your personality, or the way you are, they will soon go off and date somebody else. That is the way I look at it these days. I have given up on trying to please everybody, and I focus on being myself. It makes my life a lot easier, and I find that I am also much more relaxed when I am on a date.…


Sex Between Heterosexual Women

Recent studies show that same sex attraction is higher among heterosexual women as compared to their male counterparts. Contrary to what was the previous assumption, the figures are actually higher with about 45% of women between the ages of 17 to 34 having reported sexual attraction towards other women. The statistics don’t stop there; 35% of women between the ages of 35-49 year old women who are heterosexual reported experiencing same sex attraction and the figure is at 24% for heterosexual women between 50 and 64 years old. Sexual fluidity is the term used by doctors to explain the ability for people to experience same sex attraction as well as to the opposite sex.

The explanation for this kind of attraction is simple in case you are a heterosexual lady; sex is supposed to be pleasurable and this is something that most sex education classes fail to tell you. There is no shame in being heterosexual; not in this 21st century and your pleasure as a woman does not have to be secondary to your partner’s pleasure. If it is one on one or consensual sex between you and your partner, there would be certain things you may have to discuss for instance, some women fail to lubricate sufficiently even when they are excited. Even in this same sex scenario, it is okay to use a lubricant, but only after discussing it with your partner. Oral sex is also pleasurable and it can be even better between two women who know exactly what they would like done to them, thus making it easier to reciprocate the same.

The common question one may ask is; why do these women prefer same sex intercourse. Well, apart from it being more pleasurable for the heterosexual women, they really don’t make the intercourse the main event as there is no male ego in between that has to be massaged. This means that penetrative sex is not given priority. Secondly, we all know that women take longer to orgasm as compared to women. When it is between women, the sex is not rushed as it is characterized with patience and no one puts pressure on their partner to get a move on. Heterosexual women, just like lesbians don’t have a giver and taker role when in bed. Both of them take turns in taking up either of the roles, thus there is never one lazy partner in it all. The fact that there is more foreplay and no one thinks of sex as having a beginning, middle and end, the sex becomes more pleasurable.…