I am sure that a lot of people are letting media control our lives today. There are days when I try to go without checking what is going on with my favorite celebs, but I simply can’t. Like I said to my best friend at London escorts, thank God for mobile phones. Without my phone I would not be able to check the news and keep up with social media updates. I am just too tired to do stuff like that when I finish the night at the amazing charlotte London escorts.But at the same time, I have started to wonder if we let social media, and the press for that matter, dictate to us what we should be doing. When you look at our favorite celebs, it is clear that they have just become marketing tools for big companies.

Popping into Starbucks on Saturday when I was out shopping with my friends from London escorts, it just felt like we were being marketed to all of the time. Even the screens in Starbucks were promoting stuff. One girls from London escorts says it is like we are living in some kind of weird futuristic world.I think that she could be right. It seems very much like we have let the world of multimedia and interactive advertising sneak up on us. There are even some London escorts services which produce videos starring their top London escorts. You can now hear the voice of the escort that you are going to date, and see her perform certain things on screen which are a little bit sexy. It makes you wonder if we are going to end up with celebrity London escorts soon.Even the Royal Family seems to be changing.

When you look at them now, it is a little bit like Meghan Markle is being pushed on to us. It is a bit like she is beginning to feel like she is the people’s best friend and that we should all feel good about the amount of money the Royal Family gets from the public. I am not a Royalist, but I am beginning to feel different about the family because of Meghan. Honestly, I am not the only girl at charlotte London escorts to feel that way.So, what is the answer to all of this? I am not sure but I feel that someone else is trying to control my world. Perhaps George Orwell’s 1994 has finally arrived and we are not in charge any more. When I speak to the girls at London escorts, many of the girls say that they feel like they are losing control. I know what they mean because that is exactly how I feel about my life as well. What is the answer? Maybe I should throw away my phone and start to read the Times instead like my dad. At least then I can put the paper away and try not to worry about what celebrity is doing what with another celebrity, and what food is now healthier than the one I bought yesterday