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I’m Attracted To Blonds

I can’t help it, but I am hopelessly attracted to blondes. My friends say that I have lost the plot and should date brunettes. I know that it is all into to date brunettes, but that does not mean that I want to…


Are you letting media control your life?

I am sure that a lot of people are letting media control our lives today. There are days when I try to go without checking what is going on with my favorite celebs, but I simply can’t. Like I said to my best…


What makes us attracted to men?

I am always being asked lots of questions by the gents that I date at London escorts. It is clear that a lot of men would like to make themselves more attractive to women, so they often ask me what makes a man…


What makes a woman physcially attractive

It would be interesting to sit down and speak to a group of men, and find out what they think makes a woman physically or sexually attractive. Lisa, who works for London escorts, says it all depends on many different factors. It is…


Sex Between Heterosexual Women

Recent studies show that same sex attraction is higher among heterosexual women as compared to their male counterparts. Contrary to what was the previous assumption, the figures are actually higher with about 45% of women between the ages of 17 to 34 having…