Recent studies show that same sex attraction is higher among heterosexual women as compared to their male counterparts. Contrary to what was the previous assumption, the figures are actually higher with about 45% of women between the ages of 17 to 34 having reported sexual attraction towards other women. The statistics don’t stop there; 35% of women between the ages of 35-49 year old women who are heterosexual reported experiencing same sex attraction and the figure is at 24% for heterosexual women between 50 and 64 years old. Sexual fluidity is the term used by doctors to explain the ability for people to experience same sex attraction as well as to the opposite sex.

The explanation for this kind of attraction is simple in case you are a heterosexual lady; sex is supposed to be pleasurable and this is something that most sex education classes fail to tell you. There is no shame in being heterosexual; not in this 21st century and your pleasure as a woman does not have to be secondary to your partner’s pleasure. If it is one on one or consensual sex between you and your partner, there would be certain things you may have to discuss for instance, some women fail to lubricate sufficiently even when they are excited. Even in this same sex scenario, it is okay to use a lubricant, but only after discussing it with your partner. Oral sex is also pleasurable and it can be even better between two women who know exactly what they would like done to them, thus making it easier to reciprocate the same.

The common question one may ask is; why do these women prefer same sex intercourse. Well, apart from it being more pleasurable for the heterosexual women, they really don’t make the intercourse the main event as there is no male ego in between that has to be massaged. This means that penetrative sex is not given priority. Secondly, we all know that women take longer to orgasm as compared to women. When it is between women, the sex is not rushed as it is characterized with patience and no one puts pressure on their partner to get a move on. Heterosexual women, just like lesbians don’t have a giver and taker role when in bed. Both of them take turns in taking up either of the roles, thus there is never one lazy partner in it all. The fact that there is more foreplay and no one thinks of sex as having a beginning, middle and end, the sex becomes more pleasurable.