I am always being asked lots of questions by the gents that I date at London escorts. It is clear that a lot of men would like to make themselves more attractive to women, so they often ask me what makes a man attractive to a woman. Of course, all of the girls here at London escorts have their own different take on this one, and I do have my own reasons for being attracted to a man.

Looks are important, but during my time at London escorts, I have learned that they are not everything that matters. When I first started to date at London escorts, I found it really hard to handle a guy if he was not attractive at all. Now I know that the men who are not so physically attractive often have very attractive minds. They are easy to talk to, and most of the time I end up getting along with them very well. Yes, women are attracted to men who can hold a decent conversation.

I also like men who dress nicely. That is another thing that never used to worry me that much, but smart dressed men really do tend to look after themselves really well. All of the smartly dressed guys that I have met at London escorts seem to have really good diets, and have also had open and caring personalities. Perhaps they take a certain pride in themselves and their lifestyles. Speaking to my colleagues here at London escorts, many of them do agree with me that well dressed men have something special about them.

How about a sense of humour? This is kind of interesting. My dad has always said that it is important to make your partner laugh. I never used to think a lot about that, but it is true. All of the gents who make me laugh at London escorts are the guys that I feel the most attracted to. When I meet a guy at London escorts who is all serious and does not even have a smile on his face, I do not feel attracted to him at all. It is just a girlie thing, we all like to have a laugh and there is nothing like a good laugh to help you make it through the day.

When you work at London escorts, you get to meet all sorts of gents, and that is what I really like about the job. In many ways that is good, because you soon learn what to expect from a man. Also, you get to know what kind of guy that you would like to settle down with one day. My future husband does not have to be super attractive, but he needs to be dressed nicely, be able to hold a conversation and make me laugh. That is the criteria for my perfect husband and I am sure that he is out there somewhere. It is just a matter of finding him, or letting him find me.

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